For professionals who are delivering presentation with dull slides that leave the audience bored + uninspired.

Deliver engaging and effective presentations in 6 weeks.

My presentation coaching system ensures you deliver killer presentations, with beautiful slides, that leave your audience inspired and ready to take action.


Ready to deliver effective and engaging presentations?

Presentation insights from coaching >600 professionals.

The 7 reasons your presentations are average:

  • You have too many slides

  • Your slides are too busy

  • You struggle to stick to time

  • You lose your audience's attention

  • You pitch at the wrong level

  • You can't tell stories well

  • You aren't naturally entertaining

Delivering effective and engaging presentations is hard.Trying new techniques and failing is brutal.Your promotion, your interview success, your careerBut I’m here to share the system that I’ve developed over the last 15 years that helped my students to get the career progression they deserve by delivering presentations that leave their audience feeling inspired and ready to take action.

Introducing...the Audience First, Slides Last System

This system will help you to obtain elite presentation skills that are not reliant on your design skills, personality, or confidence.You will know how to prep for any type of presentation with ease because this system doesn’t rely on being a comedian, exuding confidence, or being a natural entertainer.We will adjust this system to your personality - so it doesn’t matter if you’re shy, introverted, or simply very nervous when it comes to presentations.You will deliver effective and engaging presentations with less prep time.My system is based on 4 pillars.I will help you identify parts of your presentation process that cause your problems, resulting in dull slides, unengaged audiences, and I'll fix them.This is exactly what you get and how it works:

Pillar 1: Audience Fundamentals

We'll get clear on your audience and what they need.
We will work out the transformation you will deliver for them.

Pillar 2: Content Development Framework

We'll design a custom framework to prep and deliver your presentations, that works for your job and your personality.

Pillar 3: Story Selection

We'll practice telling stories, and opening and closing your presentation with a bang in a safe environment, so you'll feel confident presenting for real.

Pillar 4: Slide Design

You'll have access to my Canva course, and I'll design your slides with you so that you have a clear, streamlined system for designing them for every presentation you give.

Start delivering effective and engaging presentations.

Frequently asked questions

How will I know that it’s a good time to start this program?

The earlier the better. Learning presentation skills allows you to benefit from career progression. Waiting for that benefit just means you are losing money the longer you wait.

Will it work for me?

The system I’ve designed is based on the overall strategies of presentations and communication that don't only work for one personality type or another. Because of this, anyone who follows this presentation system will succeed. I have many testimonials to prove this is for everyone.

If I’m terrible at tech does it mean I can’t learn to design beautiful slides?

We all use tech to some extent every day. Presentation skills isn’t about tech, but about maximizing the abilities you have.The system I’ve developed helps ANYONE improve their ability to design beautiful slides, regardless of their tech skills.

How long will the program take?

It's a 6-week program.

Here's the deal.
You can keep staying where you are.
Keep delivering uninspiring presentations.Leave your audience feeling bored + thinking about that loaf of bread they need to pick up.Feel yourself wasting hours prepping presentations that never land.Stressing about how it's going to go.Designing the same deadly slides that everybody gets fed up looking at. Or…You can hop on a call to see if I can help you.No pressure.And if it’s a good fit…I will teach you the WHY behind effective presentations so that you will never worry about leaving your audience inspired and ready to take action again.

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